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To achieve and maintain such palliative taste with distinctive flavors, Masterpiece strives for top of the class, artisan e-juice that gains a first class reputation that draws new customers year after year. To achieve the above while maintaining affordable prices, we only use U.S. Grade ingredients. Our e-juices contain top of the line Kosher certified U.S. Grade Propylene Glycol along with USP Grade natural and artificial flavorings. We are dedicated to improve vaping for our consumers with the superior quality and value of our products.


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About Our Store

Masterpiece Vapour Products uses only US Pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Kosher certified Vegetable glycerin and proplyne glycol. Some flavors may have USP Grade Nicotine. We do NOT use diacetyl or acetyl propinyl and Titanium Dioxide/Oxide.

We manufacture our liquids in a safe and clean room environment facility in Ontario California.

All products are manufactured in a ISO6 clean room and we DO NOT use diacetyl or acetyl propinyl and Titanium Dioxide/Oxide

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